Insertion Vulnerability Assessments


  • Our lead assessment team is comprised of three former United States Marine Corps Security
    Guards, two of which guarded Top Secret nuclear weapons facilities and the third was a member of Marine Security Force responsible for the security of the Presidential Retreat at Camp David. All three are trained in terrorism counter-action. We know a little about physical security.
  • Our entire assessment team consists of current or former sworn law enforcement, SWAT trained and qualified officers. We know a little about tactics.
  • We are vastly experienced in principle security. We have guarded heads of state and assisted the Secret Service on numerous details. The NCIS comes to us when its principles (The Commandant of the Marine Corps and staff) visit St. Louis.
  • Our staff consists of prior Special Forces personnel-Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers, Scout Snipers, and Marine Corps F.A.S.T. (Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team) members, and SWAT trained personnel who are current or former law enforcement officers.
  • A vast majority of our staff have at one time held Top Secret clearances.

Threat Assessments

Level 1 Threat Assessment

  • We perform a thorough walk through of your facility and surrounding grounds.
  • We analyze your physical and electronic surveillance methods.
  • We analyze your existing executive protection measures.
  • We provide periods of instruction on a wide range of threats from work place violence to hostage situations to terrorist plots specifically as they relate to your facility.
  • We provide a detailed report on our findings to include your strong points, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement.
  • We provide hands on training with your security personnel to better prepare them and secure your work place.

Level 2 Threat Assessment

  • Our operators will conduct efforts to infiltrate your facility using different levels of overt and covert methods.
  • A week long exercise will put to the test, on a limited and safe level, your security officers and technological security systems.
  • On a level of your choosing, we will test the vulnerabilities of your perimeter and physical security.
  • Our professional and disciplined operators will ensure to the utmost of their ability the safe execution of these drills designed to highlight your facility’s security strengths and weaknesses.
  • With the knowledge of the week long drill being conducted, we can observe your security at its highest level of alert and assess its effectiveness.
  • We will institute strict safety protocols to avoid “real world confusion”.
  • A detailed report and debriefing for all the encounters and attempted breeches of security provided.
  • Being current law enforcement, we will liaison with appropriate departments and monitor radio traffic to ensure our assessments are not misconstrued as real events prompting a law enforcement response.