Law Enforcement/Military


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Combat Pistol

This course is designed for individuals who have some sort of formal pistol training and want to take their skills to the next level. During this class we will cover the following: pistol manipulation, speed reloads, recoil management, identifying and clearing malfunctions, multiple target engagements, shooting from cover and engaging targets from varying distances. This is not a “bullseye” shooting course; this course is about speed, movement and violence of action.

Tactical White Light / Night Fighter (4 hour)

This course is designed for law enforcement, military and security professionals who have minimal white light training. This course will expose the student to proper uses and techniques of the tactical flashlight under low light conditions. During this class we will cover the following: proper uses of the flashlight, LED vs Bulb lights, OODA cycle and how it applies to white light, lighting principles, lighting techniques and shooting positions. We will also cover pistol reloads, malfunctions and shooting around cover with the flashlight.  This four (4) hour class will concentrate on live fire pistol drills utilizing the flashlight techniques taught.

Tactical White Light / Night Fighter (8 hour)

This course covers everything covered in the four (4) hour class and also goes into building entry and search techniques covering single and two man movements. This class will conclude with force on force utilizing Simunitions to validate the techniques taught.

Active Shooter

Active shooter incidents are occurring in schools, organizations and small businesses far too often. After such tragedies take place, intruder prevention and preparedness becomes a top priority for administrators, directors and business owners. It is never too late to put a plan into place to protect your students, faculty, staff, clients and the general public. Below are the training courses we offer.

Active Shooter 1

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Active Shooter 2

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Active Shooter for Commanders

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Multiple Attacker Counter Terrorism Action Capabilities (MACTAC)

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