Our History

Active Shooter Training

Active Shooter Training

0311 Tactical Solutions, LLC started in December 2010 out of a response to a local workplace shooting. We were contacted after the incident to provide active shooter response training to security personnel around the region. Once training was complete, we were contacted by other companies and individuals who realized they were not prepared to respond to similar situations. This need not only formed the foundation of 0311 Tactical Solutions, but shaped our company methodology to make training once considered specialized, standardized for all responders. The return of investment you receive by training your first responders, security officers and personnel to respond is immeasurable when it comes to protecting human life.

In an emergency situation – you won’t rise to the occasion; you’ll fall to your level of preparation.

Let us prepare you.

Our Mission

0311 Tactical Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality training to law enforcement, military, private security, institutions and individuals. We strive to instill in our first line of defense a combat/warrior mindset complete with the skills necessary to provide our citizenry with a level of security they can entrust in. We set the standard in training and elevate it above all others.