22 Oct 2013

10th Annual Fuzzball with the Fuzz Thank You

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A heartfelt thanks to everyone that came out to support this year’s tournament. The amount of respect and gratitude shown toward Jason and his family was tremendous considering the fact that I’m about his only tie to St. Louis.
You turned out like he was one of our own. I won’t try to thank everyone because I will leave someone out. But a huge thank you to Col. Jerry Lee, former St. Louis County Police Chief and former member of the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners. Col. Lee won the $1,000 ball drop raffle and immediately gave the money back to the cause. He comes out to support us every year and is a tremendous example of true leadership and devotion to all those who serve our community. And also a thank you to our command staff for allowing our SWAT and Aviation assets to be put on display. They are a crowd pleaser every time.

So many of you went above and beyond, so I will say thanks on behalf of Jason’s family and the members of the Baltimore County Maryland SWAT unit. They are blown away by your support. I am also ecstatic to announce the Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation (MCLEF) has awarded a $20,000 college scholarship to each of Jason’s children thanks to the hard work of Mr. Tom Walter. With that, over $45,000 will be on it’s way to Baltimore from St. Louis!

Teams from as far away as Detroit participated, but our own Capt. Dan Howard’s team brought home the title with a walk-off solo home run in a 1-0 win in the finals. Congrats to them.A limited amount of t-shirts from the event are still for sale. Contact me if you’re interested.

Brian Rossomanno

04 Sep 2013

Support the 10th Annual Fuzzball with the Fuzz

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PO Jason Schneider

PO Jason Schneider

Pictured to the left is PO Jason Schneider of the Baltimore County (MD) Police Department SWAT unit. Jason was killed in the line of duty during a search warrant entry on August 28th.

He leaves behind a wife and two children. Our 10th Annual Fuzzball with the Fuzz will celebrate a decade of helping those in need by helping Jason’s family.

Jason was a former Marine who was stationed at Camp David and devoted his life to service. We will once again be doing our 200 tennis ball drop the day of the tournament. 200 numbered tennis balls will be dropped from the tallest fire truck ladder the city FD has to offer (click here to see video of last year’s drop). The person who purchases the number on the ball caught by our special guest wins $1,000. Ball are only $15 for a 1/200 chance at $1,000. All proceeds benefit Jason’s family. There are also still spots remaining for teams that want to play in the greatest fuzzball tournament on the planet. For $25 spectators can eat and drink all day. SWAT equipment, the police helicopter and many more attractions for the family not to mention the coldest beer around.

Contact me and I will give you your ball number(s) and payment instructions. Thanks for all the support you’ve given us over the years. Our 9 previous tournaments have raised a total of over $68,000 for the various causes.

Sgt. Brian P. Rossomanno, DSN 5336
St. Louis Police SWAT
4213 Gibson
St. Louis, Mo. 63110


10 Mar 2013

100 Innings for One Mind

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Pledge a $1 per inning to support our wounded warriors.

Pledge a $1 per inning to support our wounded warriors.

Just because we know tactics doesn’t mean we have a clue about softball.

0311 Tactical is the proud title sponsor of the 100 Innings for One Mind. The St. Louis SWAT team will play a 100 inning softball game to benefit Always Brothers, Inc. and One Mind for Research and their work to treat our heroes suffering from PTSD and TBI.

One of our instructor staff will attempt to pitch all 100 innings for pledges. Please consider pledging $1 per inning pitched to help push him to do all 100. semantic database . All proceeds to the cause. Join us May 11th in Forest Park for softball, static displays of SWAT and Marine gear, trucks and weapons, Police helicopter landings and more!

Help us support our wounded warriors.